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MOT tests can be daunting, especially if you’re a young driver and you’ve never taken your car for a MOT before… Here are our answers to some frequently asked MOT questions to help you out. What is a MOT?M.O.T stands for Ministry of transport. The MOT test is designed to ensure vehicles over 3 years old are properly maintained and comply with both environmental and safety related legal requirements. When should I have my MOT done? You do not need a MOT if your car is under 3 years old ( [...]

No one wants to be stuck in the cold, waiting for someone to come and repair or recover your vehicle. That’s why we’re sharing with you the most common causes of breakdowns, and how you can avoid them… Flat or faulty batteryBatteries are one of the most common breakdown problems. Flat battery, failing to recharge properly, or just past its best before date. We’ve discussed these issues and how to avoid them in our blog post all about car batteries. Alternator problemsBattery problems, d [...]

Batteries are a frequent cause of breakdowns, especially in the winter when temperatures drop. The cold will impact batteries power output and ability to recharge. As if that’s not enough the lights, wipers and heating you need for the weather conditions all increase the load on your battery. As the weather gets increasingly unpleasant you’ll probably find yourself doing more short drives, along with everyone else. These stop-start short trips don’t give batteries a chance to recharge - [...]

When it comes to looking after your car or van prevention is definitely better than cure. For most people their vehicle is their livelihood, and if something goes wrong life comes to a standstill. To help you out we’re sharing with you some preventative measures you can take to ensure your car or van stays at its best. Weekly Vehicle checks: Oil level, make your vehicle is parked on even ground, and that you use the right type of oil to top it up if needed. Coolant level, if y [...]

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