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“This year will be different”... We know. It’s the same every year and it never works out. But just remember, taking a few minutes out of your time to do some simple checks over your car will not only make you a safe driver in 2016, but could save you a lot of money. We’ve put together 5 (really simple!) habits you should look to adopt to keep you and your family safe in 2016. 1 - Schedule bi-annual check ups. Regular servicing and maintenance will boost your car’s performance and fuel [...]

Winter weather can create all sorts of problems for you car, exacerbating existing issues, and creating a whole plethora of new ones. With Christmas fast approaching we know that you’re busy. That’s why we’ve put together our helpful overview of the do’s and don’ts of car maintenance for this season. Don’t pour hot or boiling water on your windscreen in order to remove any ice that has settled overnight. The resulting temperature change can cause your windscreen to crack. Don’t drive [...]

Owning a car can be costly, but you don’t want to scrimp on taking care of the elements that help you stay safe on the road. Yearly MOT tests, regular servicing and repairing unexpected problems are all a necessity. However, there are actions you can take to save money by improving your vehicle's fuel economy. Adapt the way you drive Slow and steadyGetting from A to B as quickly as possible can be tempting, but if you’re on the motorway dropping your speed from 70mph to 60mph can give y [...]

When you get into your car or van chances are you’re headed somewhere, and usually in a hurry. It’s no wonder when you pick up on little warning signs or issues they end up on the ‘I’ll deal with that later’ list… Yes, sometimes your car is just having an off day, maybe it’s weather related or you just haven’t used it in a while. However, if you keep thinking that that small rattling sound or dull vibration will soon disappear you could well be headed for disaster. To help you take acti [...]

What does your engine oil do? Lubricates: Your engine is made up of a number of important moving components. Your engine oil is a lubricant, working to reduce friction and wear and keeps your engine running smoothly. Prevents engine overheating: Your engine oil helps with the heat dispersion within your engine, by absorbing the heat produced during combustion. Inhibits rust: Engine oil prevents rusting corrosion and damage to essential engine components. It does this by acting as a det [...]

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